Increasing Covid cases caused the BCCI to consider staging the IPL in Maharashtra

In light of the rapidly increasing cases of Covid-19 across the country, the BCCI is considering staging the entire Indian Premier League (IPL) this year in Maharashtra.

According to a reliable source, on the sidelines of the MCA's Apex Council meeting on January 5, Hemang Amin (interim CEO of the BCCI and Chief Operating Officer of the IPL) met Vijay Patil this regard. Patil is the President of the Mumbai Cricket Association. Following that, Amin and Patil met Sharad Pawar at the NCP supremo's house a few days later. The source said that Pawar has given the BCCI's plan his support. He, the BCCI, and MCO officials will visit Maharashtra Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and state chief secretary, Debashish Chakrabarty, this week or in the following ten days to arrange for the requisite approval. Due to the tournament will be held in a bio bubble with no spectators, this should not be an issue. Additionally, the sportsmen and the support staff will be put to the test constantly.

Even though Maharashtra (40,925 new cases on Saturday) and Mumbai (20,971 new cases) were experiencing a surge in Covid cases, the state government had authorized athletic events if a few rules were rigorously followed in its latest decision on Covid limits on Saturday.

Typically, the IPL is held in a home-and-away setting, but the BCCI has reduced the number of centers from ten to four due to the massive increase of Covid instances in India – 1,414,986 new Covid-19 cases were documented in the country on Saturday. The BCCI was compelled to reschedule all domestic competitions on January 5 due to the rising Covid cases.

The BCCI would be able to prevent air travel during the event by limiting the league to just three arenas in Mumbai and one venue in adjacent Pune. Traveling on airplanes was cited as one of the key causes of Covid cases in the bio-bubble last year.

The source commented that the IPL is currently scheduled to take place in India. However, if the Maharashtra alternative is also ruled out in the coming days, the BCCI may be obliged to bring the IPL back to the UAE.