How to Play 3 Card Hold 'Em

How to Play 3 Card Hold 'Em

How to Play 3 Card Hold 'Em

Published : July 8 2021  Author : 365baji

3 Card Hold 'Em is a simple poker-based game where the best three-card hand wins out of five cards. As the hand progresses, there are two decision points.

Rules of 3 Card Hold 'Em
One standard 52-card deck is used to play the game.

The hand-ranking mechanism is the same as in Three Card Poker.

Player will starts by placing an Ante Bet. Optionally, the player can bet on the Pair, or Suited side bet and the Straight or Up side bet.

The dealer deals the player and himself two cards face down. One community card is dealt face-up, and two community cards are dealt face down by the dealer.

The player must either fold, forfeiting his Ante, or make a Raise Bet equal to his Ante after examining his cards.

The dealer reveals the second community card. The player might choose to check (and stop betting) or place a second Raise Bet equal to his Ante.

The dealer then turns over his two pocket cards and reveals the third communal card. The player and the dealer each build their best three-card poker hand using any combination of pocket cards and community cards, including the board (using the three community cards only).

The dealer examines his hand and compares it to the players. If the dealer's hand win the player's hand, the player's Ante and Raise bets are forfeited. The player's Ante and Raise bets will be pushed if the dealer's hand ties the player's hand. If the player's hand win the dealer's hand, the following rules apply:
  • The player's Raise Bet are paid 1:1, and the Ante is a push if the dealer's hand is less than a 4s pair.
  • The player's Ante and Raise Bet are paid 1:1 if the dealer's hand is a pair of fours or better.

The side bets are unaffected by the outcome of the Ante Bet. The side bets continue to be active even if the player folds.