Super Keno Introduction & Analysis

Super Keno is a video keno variant that can be found on computers that have several games. The rules are the same as standard keno, except that any winnings would be multiplied by four if the first ball drawn is a winner (one of the player's picks). The chances in Power Keno and Fire Power Keno are identical. In reality, it's the same game as Fire Power Keno, except that the multiplier ball is drawn first or last in Power Keno.

Pick 6 has the highest return of 92.99% of the paytables above. However, this may not be the case as compared to other pay tables. The pick 1 and pick 2 numbers in video keno usually have the lowest returns and should be avoided. According to different studies, games that offer standard keno and keno variants have about the same return on all types of keno. As a result, you can play what you enjoy the most.