Confusion Over Salaar’s Originality And A Clarity Arrives | 2020–21 Pakistan Cup

Whether the manufacturers (the director and producers) want it or not one way or the other, Salaar attracts a lot of Kannada fans' rage. Earlier, the subject was entirely avoided by Director Prashanth Neel addressing the issue. And now it is Karthik Gowda's turn. He is the executive producer of Home Films, the banner that produces Salaar, for those who do not know who Karthik Gowda is. Like Prashanth Neel, he, too, faces the heat of production from the local media.

In an interaction, Karthik Gowda revealed that Salaar was initially a film about Kannada. In reply to a query, it was said that Prabhas would dub the movie in Kannada, insinuating the film as a dubbed production.

Karthik Gowda's remark left many puzzled about the originality of Salaar. If it is a Kannada movie, does it mean that in other languages it will be viewed as a dubbed version? Is it going to be all right with the Telugu fans of Prabhas?

A piece of good news coming out of it is that Salaar won't be a reboot. There was a rumour going on that Prashanth Neel's Ugramm might be a remake or adaptation. Now we can rule it out altogether. The clarification has brought fans relief.

Right now except for the title and the involvement of Prabhas, no one has any idea about Salaar, and that it would be a bloody, violent flick. A fresh update is expected from the manufacturers in a few weeks. Let's see what will be out there then, and what would bring the speculation to a close?