Zayn Malik Reveals Phone Number in His Album Nobody Is Listening | Momentum One Day Cup

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik and the team responsible for promoting his new album have opted for an unconventional marketing strategy that includes a handful of phone numbers that fans can dial to hear parts of the songs from Zayn Malik part of his next musical release. The following tweet saw Zayn simply tweeting a number sans background. A toll-free number seems to be the contact data that has been tweeted out. The tweet containing what was initially believed to be the phone number of Zayn Malik can be found below and on the Twitter account of Zayn Malik.
"Nobody Is Listening" Nobody Is Listening. Zayn himself announced the same, along with which he released what his comeback track, Vibez, is considered to be. Since accepting fatherhood, Vibez is Zayn's first musical outing. The tweet announcing the album's release on January 15th by the artist can be found below.