Will Shakib's captaincy bring changes to Bangladesh cricket?

Team Bangladesh has already reached West Indies to play a full series against West Indies. However, before the West Indies tour, Mominul Haque left the Test captaincy of the country's cricket in a fairly dramatic manner. Shakib has the responsibility of captaincy. Since then, it has become a matter of discussion that how Bangladesh will do under the leadership of Shakib?

Earlier this year, Mominul's team hinted at something better by beating New Zealand in a Test on New Zealand soil. But that success could not be sustained. Instead, the Test loss on South African soil and then the series loss against Sri Lanka on home soil pushed Mominul's team to the backfoot. At the same time, Mominul's lack of form left a bad impression on Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB).

Then, Shakib Al Hasan got the captaincy. BCB team director and former captain Khaled Mahmud Sujan are overjoyed to have such a person as the captain of the Bangladesh Test team.

The former captain thinks that Bangladesh cricket will change with Shakib's brilliant captaincy. Sujan said, ''I also say that it is a big deal for Shakib. With Shakib being the captain, a change can come to us (in Test cricket). ''

Sujan remarked that there is a point in leading from the front. A wise captain, and being able to make decisions according to the situation. It won't be clear to them in just two Test matches; one has to give time. They want their best team, when the best team plays, they must be a strong team.

Praising Shakib, Sujan added, ''Shakib is very intelligent. If you ask who has the best cricket knowledge in Bangladesh, I would definitely say Shakib is one of them. Shakib's way of thinking is different. He is not only the best all-rounder in the country, he is the best all-rounder in the world. He wants to do his best for the team.''