This time Du Plessis supports Virat Kohli

Royal Challengers Bangalore have yet to secure a place in the last four of the ongoing Indian Premier League (IPL). Du Plessis also lost to Punjab Kings by 54 runs in their last match. As a result, Bangalore went on more backfoot. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli, the best batsman of the team, is struggling for run in this season.

Bangalore has won only 7 out of 13 matches in the tournament so far. Although they are at number four in the table with 14 points, they are not able assured play-off yet. To reach the last four, Plessis-Kohli will have to stay ahead in the net run rate by winning the last match by a big margin. At the same time they have to depend on the equation of win-loss of other teams.

All in all, Captain Du Plessis's simple confession is, ''Our time is getting worse. Star cricketer like Virat Kohli is not in form. He returned to the dressing room after scoring 20 runs off 14 balls in the last match. His helpless form has made the Bengaluru captain feel uncomfortable as well as the team. ''
In this context, Plessis said, ''He (Kohli) has seen the other side of the coin. Kohli is getting out as much as one can. It's actually a game. You can only do one thing. You can continue to try and work. ''

However, Plessis is by Kohli's side even at bad times. He believes Kohli will get over this bad time very soon. He wants Kohli to always play. "You can be positive in these moments," Plessis said. ''Kohli also made a great start in the last match. We want him to always play for us. All of us are actually having a bad time. ''