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Legal soccer betting is a relatively recent development in the USA that is prime for liftoff now that individual states have gained the authority to legalize and regulate sports betting. Multiple states have jumped on the opportunity and now boast perfectly legal in-person and online soccer betting.

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Table Of Contents

  • Best Soccer Betting Sites
  • Live Soccer Betting Odds
  • States With Legal Soccer Betting
  • How Legal Sports Betting Will Affect MLS
  • MLS Position on Sports Betting
  • Best Soccer Betting Sites
  • How to Bet on Soccer Online
  • In-Play Soccer Betting
  • Daily Fantasy Soccer in the USA
Live Soccer Betting Odds

Even better, more states will be joining the action over time. Although the dollars spent on soccer betting here in the USA pale in comparison to action taken on NFL and NBA games, it’s a whole different story on the international stage where soccer reigns supreme. In terms of viewership and money wagered every year, soccer puts every US sport to shame.

Today’s soccer betting sites open that door to Americans with wagers on not only the MLS, but also the world’s most popular international competitions. Visit any major US betting site today and you’ll find hundreds (sometimes thousands) of markets for MLS, the Premier League, UEFA Champions League, FIFA World Cup, Germany’s Bundesliga and many more.

So, whether you were born here and developed an interest in soccer or are a transplant from abroad, you will find plenty of soccer betting action in the USA. The majority of licensed betting sites here in the United States are operated by gaming companies with extensive experience on the international stage, which means you will rarely find a shortage when it comes to soccer betting options.

Some US sportsbooks provide literally tens of thousands of soccer betting markets on any given day. The full extent of the options is almost hard to comprehend if you haven’t spent time overseas, but soccer betting is a highly-developed industry on the international stage.

In this soccer betting guide, we’ll be diving into all that and much more. Some of the things we’ll be discussing today include where it is legal to bet on soccer in the USA, how the legalization of sports betting impacts Major League Soccer, a closer look at the best sportsbooks for soccer and how to wager on the sport.

If you came here looking for quick sportsbook recommendations rather than an in-depth discussion, look no further than the top of this page. The sites you see listed above are our top picks for readers in the USA. Otherwise, read on to learn more about the current state of soccer betting in the United States.

States With Legal Soccer Betting

Legal soccer betting is rolling out on a state-by-state basis in the United States as lawmakers across the country introduce, negotiate and vote on legislation. The going has been fast in some states and slow in others, but eventually we believe more states than not will have legal sports betting.

With the speed at which new sports betting legislation is being introduced in the USA, we’ve opted to create a central map to refer to often when discussing where it is legal to bet on sports. We keep this map up to date as laws across the country change, so check back regularly if you’re still waiting for sports betting to come to your state.

Live Cricket Gambling, Cricket Betting » Baji Casino.